Marion Cotillard Threesome

Episode 26, laughably described by George as Episode 25 in the opening minutes, features the return of Fred’s wife, Xanet. She’s got a long list of marital demands that encapsulates the compromises necessary for a successful union. Gerard Depardieu, Ratatouille (the 2007 motion picture), Marion Cotillard, French Poodles, The Count of Monte Cristo and baguettes all make an appearance. The point is, she’s French. It also contains the debut of a TBC question, a hypothetical situation so sprawling, so majestic and so nutty that it just wouldn’t fit into one episode. Agony Plowd rounds the episode off. Bon Appetit.

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Logan Paul vs KSI vs Kim Jong-un

In episode 16 Theresa May has another undercover job for Fred. Kim Jong-un is a fully paid up member of the #logang and doesn’t want his hero getting hurt. Fred must infiltrate the big fight between KSI and Logan Paul and do what he can to prevent nuclear war. Meanwhile, George has a mysterious invitation to a “Time Traveler’s Dinner” and must bring three figures from history with him. What kind of crazy shenanigans will they get up to? Find out on the plowdypod.

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